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Located on Jericho Turnpike in Saint James

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Expedition Imports is owned and operated by Scott Dalton, an automobile enthusiast whose lifelong obsession with eccentric vehicles left him with no alternative but to become an expert at fixing them.

Specializing in European vehicles and anything else you drive, the shop prides itself on obsessive attention to detail, personalized service and a spirit of ingenuity that demands: if we can't find a part, we'll make it in the family machine shop. These were principles instilled throughout Dalton's upbringing from his father, the owner of an engine rebuilding and machining business and his late grandfather, the owner of a Volvo and Volkswagen dealership. The unofficial start to Expedition Imports was in the early 80s when an eight-year-old Dalton began tinkering with a temperamental go-cart. This was his introduction into the world of mechanical things that do not always work as they should.

From there, it wasn't long before his paper route allowed him to buy an aluminum row boat with a rickety nine horsepower outboard. Dalton subsequently learned the virtue of the emergency fix about two miles out into Long Island Sound.

Once he finally graduated to grown-up vehicles, Dalton's preference for German engineering and not-so-mainstream locomotion, brought him a series of interesting and not so desired vehicles. Along the way, he also inherited a worn out '76 Porsche 911, which he meticulously restored from the ground up and retrofitted with the drivetrain from a new 911 over the course of five years. While pursuing an active schedule of daily maintenance on his owngrowing car collection, Dalton was also working professionally in the auto industry. He drove his way through college in an auto parts delivery truck, worked at Jaguar and Volkswagen dealerships and even caught a ride on the Internet boom, working for a Manhattan-based online auto parts retailer.

It was while working in Manhattan that the seeds of Expedition Imports took root. One evening after work, Dalton happened upon a 1963 Land Rover Series IIa which had become a planter for moss, mud and weeds. He bought it on the spot for $500 and a six-pack of Heineken, and so began his love affair with Rovers. With Expedition Imports, Dalton has built his hobby into a thriving business working on the vehicles he loves. In an interesting twist of fate, the shop is located directly across the street from the auto dealership his grandfather founded in 1963. Most days, Dalton can be found in the shop late into the night, keeping the torch lit for lovers of eccentric vehicles everywhere.


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644 East Jericho tpke. Suite 15
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